Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ingrid Darzins

No Crime Like the Present: Ingrid Darzins

What Women Read has a post about Ingrid Darzins and her romantic comedy eBook No Crime Like the Present published by Aspen Mountain Press.

Ingrid is an interesting lady and writes a wickedly funny line.

Here's Ingrid's edited biography:

Ingrid has visited Latvia several times in her life, at least once during
communist rule. She attended the baptism of a cousin in a boarded up church in
the middle of the night. A guy showed her his Rolex in a hot tub in Sturgis.
She’s smart, funny and really enjoys teaching. She’s got three books planned for
this series and the story line might not go the way you think it’s going to go.
Ingrid wears sparkly gold mascara (eye liner, eye shadow? I can never keep them
straight) and now enjoys Mexican Coca Cola. She knows she would get any
final Jeopardy question right if the category was Henry the 8th.

Read the excerpt of No Crime Like the Present here.

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