Sunday, March 18, 2007

Realms of Love Hosting Phaze Romance Writers Monday 3/19


Phaze Romance Writers at Realms of Love Monday 3/19

The smart, witty and excited authors of Phaze Books will be chatting with us Monday, March 19 at 6 PM Pacific/9 PM Eastern at Realms of Love . It's easy, it's fun and there will be give-aways of free downloads of their books.

Here's the list of authors slated to be there:

Alessia Brio - 2007 EPPIE Winner for Best Erotica Book -

Michael Barnette -
“Games Dragons Play”

Penny "Caesar’s Love"

Victoria Blisse -  “Getting Physical”

Rob Graham - “Discovery”

Yeva Wiest -
“Paybacks are Hell”

Eden Bradley -
“Breaking Skye”



Monday, March 12, 2007

Eppies Awarded at EPICon


Congratulations to all the 2007 EPPIE Winners.  Winners were announced at EPICON in Virginia Beach, Virginia this week.

You can chat with 2007 Eppie winner Allessia Brio in the Realms of Love Romance Writer Chats .  Monday March 19 at 9 PM EDT/6 PM PDT.  Stop by to congratulate her and chat with the other Phaze Books authors in the chat. 

We wish all the finalists the best of success in their writing. Our favorites include Lucynda Storey, Laura Baumbach, Betty Hanawa, Emma Wildes, Rayne Forrest,  Trace Edward Zaber and Jinger Heaston.


Here is the 2007 Eppie Winners list.




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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Obsession by Claire Thompson at Romantic Observer - Promotion


Obsession by Claire Thompson at Romantic Observer - Promotion

Romantic Observer is offering free posting of romance excerpts and promotion of romance writing .


Claire Thompson took advantage of it to promote her Februaury release of Obsession, a BDSM Romance.

Here's the blurb:


Mark is obsessed with a beautiful movie star, following her career, her life, her every move. He dreams of turning her into his ideal sex slave. He executes a flawlessly planned kidnap, certain she’ll come to love him once she understands how pure and intense his passion is for her.  Not surprisingly, she doesn’t respond as he’d hoped…

In this dark exploration of obsession, we come to understand what compels a man to take his fantasies to such an extreme. Emily, the object of his desire is at first terrified into obedience. Over time, showered with both love and cruel control, she begins a metamorphosis into willing sex slave, or so it would seem. What develops is an intense, if conflicted, BDSM love story. Be prepared to submerge yourself in a dangerous sensual journey of self-discovery on the parts of both the Master and the slave.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Refugee by Lucynda Storey at Romantic Observer - Excerpts


Refugee by Lucynda Storey at Romantic Observer - Excerpts

The Romantic Observer Excerpt site is starting to heat up.

One of our favorite authors of BDSM Romance is Lucynda Storey.  She has written two hot erotic reads in Refugee and Simply Irresistible, both available from Loose-Id.

Here's a taste:


Jack rose from the bed and headed back to the shower. Neither the pounding of the spray against the porcelain, or the steam rising to fog the mirror, managed to blast Amanda from his thoughts. He pulled the curtain and stepped into the hammering, hot water.Letting it sluice over his back, he leaned his head against the rear wall of the shower stall. He couldn’t deny the lust welling within him when he thought of all the blonde hair and soft, sexy curves that was Amanda.

As much as he physically wanted her, her experiences with Victor Wakefield put her off limits to him for an indefinite amount of time. Abused submissives weren’t known for quick recoveries and their lack of trust hindered them in forming another relationship with a decent Dom. A guy like Jack.

“Case, you better wrap this thing up fast,” Jack muttered under his breath stepping out of the shower. The sooner Amanda was out of his house and safekeeping, the better off they both were.

Heat up your night with a love story full of romance with a touch of the whip.