Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jade Rivers and Shattered Legacy, funny

Jade Rivers posted this the other day over on the CataNetwork-Readers yahoo group.

In case you're window shopping, allow me to share with you my "Top Ten" reasons to read Shattered Legacy:

Top Ten Reasons to Read Shattered Legacy

10. It'll give you chills! (Hey, it's a hot, humid mess out there!)
9. Your friend's niece is pregnant, and you're trying to come up
with Catholic-sounding names.
8. Sister Rosemarie's gardening tips.
7. You're planning on having your wedding ceremony on
horseback. (Brides, read this book! Trust me!)
6. It's been so hot, you can't remember what cold feels like
5. You're thinking of redecorating your home, and want ideas on
how to make it seem more dark and forbidding.
4. Sean O'Riley's thrifty winter wardrobe pointers.
3. Pancakes a'la mode? What a great idea!
2. Learn a creative approach to improving your grades in boring
And what's the #1 reason to read Shattered Legacy?
1. Discover yet ANOTHER use for duct tape.

Have a good lunch, I'm off to the breakroom for a refill! I'll be
back, as weather permits.

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