Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Jade Rivers: Romance Author

Jade Rivers: Romance Author

Aspen Mountain Press sure know how to pick the hot romance writers. Jade Rivers has a spread at Road to Romance.

I found these items interesting:
TURN-ONS: Really loud motorcycles.
TURNOFFS: Anorexic sex symbols.
MY IDEAL EVENING: Winning Colin Farrel (sp?) in a charity bachelor auction
for $5.00.
MY WEAK SPOT: HA! Like I'd tell you.

"My mother would tell you, 'Jade’s a natural-born prevaricator, fabricator,
and all-around manipulator of the facts.' She’s been saying that ever since I
could talk, but I don’t think she strictly means it in a nice way."

Jade's eBook Shattered Legacy is available at Aspen Mountain Press.

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