Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Romance of Erotic Submission – an Interview with Claire Thompson

What Women Read has an Interview with Claire Thompson Claire is a writer hosted at Realms of Love. Her past writing has centered on erotic submission. She is now venturing into the ManLove genre of erotic romance.

Here's a bit of that interview:

What prompted you to consider writing an erotic romance that featured BDSM?
I had always had submissive, masochistic sexual leanings, but I
married very young, without the courage to express my sensual needs to my
partner. My sex life was aided by a rich but very secret fantasy life...

What aspects of BDSM do you like to explore the most through your erotic romances (submission, bondage, or pain giving or receiving)?
Lately my focus is on working through fear—the fear of honestly exploring one’s true nature and fear of falling in love with the risk of loss. A common theme in that regard is coming to terms with one’s submissive nature and then finding the courage to honestly experience it with a loving dominant guide. In my male/male erotic romances I add the overlay of dealing with homosexuality—how it affects and informs the relationship, especially for someone just coming to grips with it.

You can read Claire’s books of manlove and romantic submission at Ellora’s Cave.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Melissa Glisan's Fool’s Gold


What Women Read has the blurb for Melissa Glisan's Fool's Gold recently re-released by Aspen Mountain Press.

Here's the blurb for this novella of erotic romantic suspense:

Jade Savani is trying to made her life work.  That means kicking out the dope dealers and the underage drinkers in her bar, along with keeping an eye out for trouble-makers.

And trouble is just what she gets when Iago de Oro walks through her door.  Hard muscles, easy on the eyes, he might be what her long ignored libido needs.

But Iago is an undercover cop with an agenda all his own.  And if seducing the beautiful Jade is a part of the deal, all the better, as long as he can keep her safe, and tend to business with his objectivity intact.

You can download and read Fool's Gold at Aspen Mountain Press.