Sunday, June 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Aspen Mountain Press!


Aspen Mountain Press is celebrating their birthday next month. The festivities start now. Join authors Kara Griffin, Rob Graham, Melissa Glisan and Lucynda Storey in a romance writer chat at Realms of Love Monday, June 24. The fun starts at 9 PM EDT/ 6 PM PDT. The details of the celebration will be revealed. There will be give-aways of ebook downloads during the chat.

Melissa Glisan has just released Ware Wishes:

At Satin Knights, nothing is what it seems – including the talent. Songs simmer and clothes are stripped away - as are the club’s secrets. But the roots of deception go deeper and tangle in the lives of Jennifer Taylor and Rayn DeSantis in unexpected ways. Before they can make sense of the situation, an old promise comes due…one that could kill...  

Kara Griffin's latest with AMP is Fishing Lures and Love Tackle, a mortal/goddess romance:

Keely Crystal , Kuku-lau the Goddess of Deception, has always known who her love will be.  Their destiny has been foretold by the Goddess of Earth herself.  But when Keely sets out to meet her intended before their destined time, she unintentionally deceives him. 

Martin Stokes is tired of dealing with deceiving women.  He intends to change the way he deals with them.  But when he meets the enchanting, sexy, woodland nymph, while fishing, he has second thoughts.  The connection he feels for Keely uncovers a love deeper than he’s ever experienced. 

Is his fate as the Goddess’s protector sealed, even though she deceived him?  Martin must forgive her before the Goddess of the Earth sends another protector in his place.  He just can’t let that happen.

Rob Graham's In the Dark is a vampire romance:

Georges Bellveau is a vampire.  With great willpower he controls his urges to feed, keeping his blood lust under control.  When he meets Diane Patterson love enters into his carefully balanced equation.  Can he keep his condition a secret?  And when another other worldly creature threatens to expose him by threatening DIane, will she be able to accept the truth?

Blind Devotion by Lucynda Storey will soon be re-released at Aspen Mountain Press:

When Azari runs from a wild animal, she has no idea her life is about to change irrevocably. Unwittingly, she has awakened two mythical beings intent on possessing her. Escaping to an isolated cabin, Azari meets an unlikely protector, Tor, the High Priest of Eiliki. Together, Azari and Tor face the greatest challenges of their lives – survival. Will Tor’s blind devotion to the Goddess prevent him from accepting the greatest gift he’s ever been given, or will the dogma of his religion and his own past keep him from making the right decision?

Join this fun group of romance writers for chat, give-aways and details of the Aspen Mountain Press Birthday Celebration, Monday, June 25.