Sunday, September 23, 2007

Two Romance Author Chats at Realms of Love This Week

They've got some awesome writers lined up to chat with you this week. Have fun, have some laughs and maybe score a give-away. Join them Monday and Tuesday night at 6 PM PDT/9 PM EDT at Realms of Love

Author Rayne Forrest lives in scenic western Maryland, where she was born and raised.
Her many novels, ranging from futuristic settings to romantic suspense have earned stellar reviews from the toughest critics in the industry—her readers.
Recently Rayne was chosen as a 2007 EPPIE Finalist, one of electronic publishing’s greatest honors. 
When not at her computer she enjoys working in her garden, crafting, bowling, and reading romance and science fiction. Rayne enjoys classic rock and new age music. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America.

If you'd like to learn more about Rayne and her novels, please visit her website at . You can subscribe to her monthly newsletter, Forrest Whispers, at or visit her MySpace page at .. She blogs about her writing and enjoying the country lifestyle at .

Rayne's latest is Truest Treasure: Zebadiah LaCroy is having the strangest day of his life. He just acquired an alien wife from a planet so far away he doesn’t know how she got here. Now he has to get her home to the Bayou without any mishaps.
Easier said than done when your bride is a shapeshifting, telepathic sorceress with a bag full of strange little crystals and a mind of her own.

Let's find out more about Esther Mitchell: Although unpublished until 2004, Esther Mitchell spent her life writing.  She learned to read on such classics as Gawain & the Green Knight and Beowulf.  Raised in Europe, with its wide exposure to mythology, history, and the paranormal, she quickly became fascinated by the lore of the unseen, culminating in a degree in parapsychology.

Life in a fast-paced, on-the-edge military community ingrained her with both an intimate understanding of the military world, and the ability to craft edgy suspense.

At the age of eight, she fell in love with romance, thanks to great authors like Christine Smith, Lindsay McKenna, and Cassie Miles.  By the age of twelve, Esther penned the first of a series of Arthurian romances, and was working on what would later become her very first release, the futuristic suspense series, Underground.

Always dedicated foremost to her writing, she writes under her real name, and has completed about twenty novels to date, of which thirteen have been published, with more to come.  Reviewers and fans alike have dubbed her work “exciting,”  “edge of your seat” and “daring.”

Their Mission was to bring light to the darkest corners of the Earth…They never expected to fall in love.

Critically-acclaimed Romantic Suspense Author Esther Mitchell presents a new face to her paranormal series, Project Prometheus…

Four thousand years ago, the legendary city of Atlantis crumbled into the ocean, taking with it the path to the Temple of the Stars. But four men and one woman were born of the legacy of Atlantis, and gifted with five sacred artifacts made from the magical metal forged only in the sacred Temple. Now, on the edge of a new Millennium, when the powers of the stars are aligning, the men and women of the chosen lines are drawn into the struggle to preserve the world, and reawaken the power of the most ancient of human mysteries.

Join the battle, and discover love’s saving grace.   Find out more about Project Prometheus at
Purchase the award-winning first book of Atlantis Silver,  IN HER NAME, at Aspen Mountain Press.

Melissa Glisan says: I've always wanted to write, so I became an engineer. Seriously. My career path has led a merry chase through cook, trail-guide, instructor and security. A true Jill of All Trades! Then I signed on as a news reporter. Now, I no longer report the news - I make it! My work has appeared in Insidious Reflections, Dark Gothic and Twisted Dreams as well as Aspen Mountain Press, Red Rose Publishing, Twilight Fantasies and JustusRoux.

Night Lights is her latest with AMP. Here's the blurb:

Margaret Thawley's watery nightmares hold the keys to unlocking her past and her future. On the Philippine Island of Cagayan, she places her trust in the enigmatic warrior Rizal Malihim and his night lights, to keep her safe despite the tales. For in Cagayan, the natives warn, fireflies mask the dreaded berbalangs - ghoulish vampires swarming for victims to kill.

Rob Graham has a new web site where he describes himself:  This is me.
The simplest word to describe me is heretic.
• a person holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted.
I do things my own way at my own time. If you tell me something is true, I’ll examine it and come to my own conclusion.

Rob would like us to visit Gillian's Place. Coming soon to AMP:  Come on in and have a drink. Gillian's place is the right place to be to hear some interesting stories of love gone wrong and right.

Pearl Jones recently released Reach Out and Touch Someone:  The phone company finally got something right!  A sexy repairman and a repressed goddess work together to get all systems operating again.  Is it really possible to find love at first sight?


Monday, September 24th, in the monthly Aspen Mountain Press author chat, Pearl Jones, Rob Graham, and Melissa Glisan brighten the chat room. The chat begins at 6 PM PDT/9 PM EDT. There will be give-aways! Join the fun at Realms of Love.

And we've got a special Tuesday Romance Writer Chat on September 25th. Esther Mitchell and Rayne Forrest chat with YOU beginning at 6 PM PDT/9 PM EDT. There will be give-aways on Tuesday, too!


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