Sunday, July 15, 2007

Phaze Authors Chat at Realms of Love

Romance Writer Chat Monday

Chat with the red hot authors from Phaze Books at Realms of Love, Monday, July 16. Stephanie Vaughan, L.E. Bryce, Rob Graham and James Buchanan will tell you about their latest releases and what's in store for their blazing writing careers. There will be give-aways!

Stephanie Vaughan has baked Dead Man's Party: When developer Rick Eriksson's company buys a rundown Victorian mansion - the 19th-century site of the infamous Swann Mansion bordello - Catherine Thompson of the local historical society steps in to preserve this piece of the past and ends up head-to-head with Rick. While two strong-willed people clash over the fate of the former bawdy house, two forbidden lovers separated in death use the unsuspecting pair to rekindle a passion that not even death could kill. Is what Rick and Catherine feel real, or the echo of another life and time?Rick and Catherine. Thomas and Cat. This party's just starting.
L.E. Bryce's sweltering Ki'iri: When Daro, the grandson of a fisherman, encounters a strange, seductive creature from the sea, he can only wonder. And when the sentient hrill turns out to be a beautiful young man in disguise, Daro knows his life will never be the same again.
James Buchanan intrigues us with Cry Melusine: Every child wants to believe their family can be salvaged. Family secrets, adulterous liaisons and long born grudges threaten to destroy them all. Jules has to use his wits and burgeoning abilities to save himself and his son when he follows Keiko to the seat of her Scottish Clan.

Rob Graham scorches with Discovery: John is a torn man. He has a dominant personality, finds the idea of having another in his power exciting and arousing. But his experiences of power have made him wary of this. He recognizes that power can be a dangerous thing, both to himself and others.
He begins to explore the BDSM lifestyle. His good friend, Marie, helps him, teaches him that the life is as much about joy as power. When John makes a final decision Marie matches him with a woman, Ariel, a sweet submissive perfect for him.

Discovery is the story of John’s journey from torn man to confident Master.
We've got something for everyone this week! Paranormal romance, some BDSM, some ManLove. This will be a great chat. Join us at 9 PM EDT / 6 PM PDT Monday at Realms of Love. Need some help getting into the chat? Thunder at is happy to help.

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