Sunday, December 17, 2006

Laura Baumbach's Flight of the Sparrows

Laura Baumbach's Flight of the Sparrows has gathered some good reviews. You can buy it at Aspen Mountain Press.


Laura's a good story teller, no matter what the genre.

Here's an excerpt:

Jameison pulled the collar of his overcoat up higher against the drizzle and stared at Crowe's hardened face, deciding on the value of debating the issue any further. There was something about the man that reminded Jameison of a coiled snake just waiting for the opportunity to strike its next victim. Crowe's reputation for violence accompanied by a high body count was well known. However guilty of hacking into MI5 as these boys might be, Jameison didn't think they deserved to suffer the kind of abuse Crowe was reputed to dish out to his prisoners.

His conscience got the better of his judgement. Jameison reached out to take Kevin back. Before he could get a proper hold of him, the boy was pulled from his reach, straight up into the open back of the army truck. Burke's face appeared in Kevin's place, an apologetic smile on his lips.

Throwing Crowe a warning look, Burke nodded at Jameison. "He'll be fine, Inspector. I'm sharing guard duty with Lt. Crowe at the moment."

Crowe gave Burke a disgusted sneer. "We're capturing terrorists Burke, not babysitting school boys. Lower your guard, someone'll pay for it, Yank. But it won't be me or my men, remember that." Crowe climbed up into the truck and disappeared from sight.

Peering after Crowe, Jameison could see the jabbering older McCabe perched on a bench across from his pale, silent brother. Crowe and his men lined one side of the truck with Liam, while Burke's men lined the other. The brothers sat at the very front, one on each side of the truck, corralled in place by the soldiers.

Jameison gave Burke a resigned nod, then walked back to the car. He drove to a more secluded spot down the street. They would stay close to provide back up to the team if it was needed. Chances were, the terrorist assault team would be more than able to handle the situation, but it never hurt to have a plan B. Besides, Jameison was anxious to see the fabled SparrowFour in action, even if it was from a distance.

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